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Four Reasons to Install a Vinyl Fence

In the world of fencing (not the sport), vinyl is a rising star. Though the concept of vinyl fencing isn't new, having been introduced as a mainly low-cost alternative for ranchers in the 1980s, it has increased in popularity recently due to its efficient, low-cost properties. If you're in the market for a new fence, whether because yours was damaged beyond repair or you're installing one for the first time, here are several reasons to consider going with vinyl instead of the other options, such as metal or wood.

Vinyl Is Cheaper

If you're looking just at initial installation costs, a vinyl fence is actually more expensive than its wooden counterpart—almost 2–3 times as much. But where vinyl excels is in the fact that it lasts a very long time and requires almost no maintenance. Whereas your neighbors will have to replace pickets and spend money re-staining entire panels, a proper vinyl fence installation service means you'll pay once and enjoy it for years.

Vinyl Is Durable

Wooden fences stand up straight and provide almost zero give; the same is even more true for metal fencing. A vinyl fence bows with the wind—very handy with strong storms—and the slick exterior makes the pickets almost impervious to stains and cracks. Wooden fencing is also susceptible to insect and termite damage, rots over time, and can mildew in the span of a few years, making it unsightly and costing the homeowner hundreds in repairs. The average lifespan is even more impressive: Wood fences will last around 20 years on average, a vinyl fence will last nearly 100 years.

Vinyl Is Easier to Install

The process for installing a wooden fence is long and labor-intensive, requiring several workers to repeat the same process hundreds of times over many hours. A vinyl fence installation can be done in less than a day with a skeleton crew. They simply set the posts and install entire pickets at a time, minimizing the time and labor costs in the process.

Vinyl Is Diverse

While wood and metal fencing can be stained and styled to match a variety of different design choices, vinyl fencing can be prefabricated in thousands, offering you a myriad of different choices and in every different type of color imaginable. No matter if your taste is more modern or traditional, there's a vinyl fence installation service that can help you understand which option will work for your property.