Checking With Fencing Contractors

Choose Your New Commercial Fencing Based on Price, Maintenance Needs & Appearance

There are several options in commercial fencing, so start with why you want a fence around your property. You might want a fence for security, to mark your property boundary, or to provide privacy. Knowing all your needs helps you choose the perfect type of fence for your property. Here's a closer look at some choices.

Chain Link Fences Are Good for Security

Chain link fences are classic commercial fences, and they are a budget-friendly option. You can buy these in the best height and thickness for optimal security. Since you can see through the fence, intruders aren't hidden from either side. Plus, these fences can have wire or spike toppers added that make them difficult to climb over. Chain link fences tend to have an industrial look about them, so if you want a fence that's more attractive, you could opt for chain link that's covered in vinyl so your property blends in better with residential surroundings.

Vinyl And Wood Are Ideal For Privacy

If you want a fence for privacy, such as blocking an employee smoking area, hiding a dumpster, or securing HVAC equipment, then vinyl and wood are good options. However, when you look at the maintenance angle, vinyl is usually the best choice since you won't have to do a lot to take care of the fence. However, you need to consider your neighbors too so your property blends in with other buildings and homes in the area.

Aluminum Is an Attractive Way to Mark Boundaries

Ornamental aluminum fencing is an attractive option that's perfect for high-end stores and professional buildings since it has an attractive appearance. Ornamental iron is also a good choice, but aluminum requires much less care and looks similar. Aluminum fencing can be used near ponds or pools without the worry of humidity causing rust. The fence can be used to mark the boundaries of your property and to keep out intruders.

Masonry Fencing Adds Beauty & Security

Another option for commercial fencing is a masonry fence made of brick or stone. These cost much more than standard commercial fencing, but they are beautiful fencing options. Since they're expensive, you might combine masonry with ornamental aluminum fencing, or just use a brick fence along the front of your property where it will be seen by customers and use less expensive fencing in the back.

Choosing the right commercial fence takes considerations of your surroundings, your budget, and your primary need for a fence. You have several options, but you probably want to choose a type of fencing that will last for years without the need for much maintenance.