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A Chain Link Fence Improves Security For Your Car Dealership While Keeping Cars Visible

When you own a car dealership, even if it's a small one, you have a lot of money tied up in inventory. It's important to keep it safe when you're off the property at night, and a good way to do that is to install a security fence. A chain link fence provides excellent security and it's also an ideal type of fencing for a car lot. Here's why.

People Passing By Can See Your Cars

One advantage of a chain link fence is that people can see through it. You don't want to hide your cars behind a fence. People should still be able to see the cars at all hours, because you never know when one of your cars will catch the interest of someone driving by. A chain link fence has gaps that are large enough that people can see your inventory, even from the road while driving by.

A Commercial Chain Link Fence Adds Security

There may be codes that regulate where you can place your fence and how tall it can be, but as long as you stay within the codes, you can choose a commercial fence that is taller than a traditional residential fence, so it is more difficult to climb over. Plus, commercial chain link fencing can have thicker posts and mesh so they are harder to cut through or damage. In addition, you can add a top to the fence for the purpose of thwarting intruders. The top might have sharp wires, or be slanted outward, so intruders can't climb over the fence and vandalize your cars.

Chain Link Fencing Needs Little Care

Another benefit of chain link fencing is that it won't need much maintenance. If the fence is damaged by a car that rams into it or by a tree that falls in a storm, you'll need to make repairs, but routine repairs are minimal. You probably won't even need to clean the fence, but if you do, cleaning is easy by power washing it. A chain link fence is durable too. It won't rot and it doesn't have paint to peel so it won't be a time-consuming addition to your property.

A plain metal chain link fence is a suitable option for a car dealership, but if you want something a little different, you could opt for a chain link fence that's wrapped in vinyl. The vinyl can be black, brown, or another color you like, so your lot has a more attractive appearance to people passing by on the street.