Checking With Fencing Contractors

Adding A Fence To Your Property

Adding residential fences is an excellent improvement to make to properties, but this may not be as simple or straightforward as you would assume. Rather, there are many different factors that must be regularly reviewed if you are to make wise choices throughout the process of adding this barrier to the perimeter of your property.

Check Your Local Zoning And Neighborhood Ordinances Concerning Fences

It is essential to have a pretty solid understanding of the local rules for your area that govern the installation of fences. Many communities and neighborhood associations will limit the maximum height allowed for a fence. Exceeding this limit can result in you being forced to remove the fence and install one that is compliant with this rule. There may also be fines involved with violating this rule, which can be a serious and unexpected expense.

Review The Amount Of Security You Want From Your Fence

There are many choices of design and material that you will have to make. To help you with making these decisions, you should have a firm idea of the amount of security that you want from the fence. For example, some people may want lighting installed on the fence, or spikes or barbs on the top to prevent scaling. After establishing these goals, choices about your fence will be easier to make as you will have a clear and overriding goal for the project.

Consider A Fence With An Automatic Gate Opener

Opening and closing the gate of the fence can be a laborious task for individuals that have mobility issues or other problems that would make getting in and out of a vehicle difficult. Also, this can be unsafe during periods of severe weather as it can put you at risk of being hit with hail or struck by lightning. Having a gate that is controlled by an automatic opener can avoid these problems, as you will be able to easily open the gate from the comfort of your vehicle.

Have The Property Lines Marked Before Installation Starts

Violating the property lines of your neighbors can be a major problem. It is important to take the appropriate steps for preventing this mistake. One of the ways of doing this will be to having a property survey done so that the barriers of the property can be clearly marked. This can be important even if you will not be installing the fence directly along the property line, as the contractors will need to avoid violating the property line while they perform their work.