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Spruce Up Your Balcony, Porch, Or Patio With An Exterior Iron Stair Kit

Those outer areas of your home can be highly valuable if you enjoy spending time outdoors. However, these outer areas of your home also have a certain level of curb appeal and influence on the exterior appearance of the house. Because of this, every last decision you make about these areas and upgrades you can make should be carefully considered. One decision you may face at some point is picking the right stairs for your balcony, patio, or porch. While many homeowners are inclined to go with wood or concrete, there is another option that simply makes a lot of sense: exterior iron stair kits:

What exactly is an exterior iron stair kit?

Stair kits are prefabricated kits that you can buy at home improvement stores and bring home to install a new set of stairs on your own. The exterior models are stair kits, which are designed for use outside and are most often made of metals like iron or treated steel. These kits contain everything you need to situate the new set of stairs wherever you need them. Therefore, a lot of exterior stair kits include:

  • the assembled or mostly assembled stairs
  • the railing 
  • the hardware needed to put together the stairs
  • support beams, posts, or rails

Why is iron a good choice for exterior stairs?

You may come across more than one type of exterior stair kit for your home, but iron is definitely a positive choice. This is because iron tends to be highly resilient, corrosion resistant, and just overall an attractive choice. Plus, iron is capable and sturdy enough to support hefty amounts of weight without faltering. Even though most iron stair sets are black in color, you can also find them in various finishes, such as in an aged bronze sort of finish or a more contemporary brushed nickel look. 

How do you know which iron stair kit you need?

You should be able to find a range of different types and styles of iron stair kits at the local home improvement store, but you will definitely need to make sure you get a kit that is big enough to give you the steps you need. To ensure you get the right thing, measure the current steps you have in place and take those measurements along with you. Also, take note of how many steps you have leading from the exterior platform, whether it is the porch, balcony, or patio. 

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