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Things You Should Know About Aluminum Fencing

Investing in a new fence around your property means that you want to choose something that can last a lifetime. If you like the look of metal fencing, then you may think that wrought iron is your only choice. Aluminum fencing may actually be a better option. The following guide can show you why,

Aluminum is sturdy

One common misconception is that aluminum is flimsy. This is probably because most people think of the thin aluminum used for soda cans or foil. The aluminum used in fencing is extremely durable. It won't dent or bend easily, plus it is resistant to both rust and corrosion. Compare this to wrought iron, which is very rust-prone and must be carefully sanded and painted every couple of years to keep rust and crumbling under control. With aluminum, you will likely never have to paint it or worry about it becoming bent.

Aluminum comes in many designs

Due to cost and manufacturing constraints, iron fencing comes in a limited number of designs. Aluminum, on the other hand, can be found in a large range of designs. You can opt for a modern fence style with straight, evenly spaced pickets and clean lines. Or, if you prefer the look of a classic, opt for panel designs that feature curlicues and spiked pickets. It's even possible to have panels and gates custom-designed with your monogram or another element of your choice. Most aluminum fencing is sold as panels, which allows you to mix and match as well, which can help you design a more eclectic fence.

Aluminum paint lasts a lifetime

Most aluminum fencing manufactures use either a powder coating or baked enamel process for painting their fences. This gives you a huge range of options when it comes to fence color, so you can choose something that matches your home and personality. Compare this to wrought iron, where white and black are usually the only choices. An additional benefit is both powder coat and baked enamel finishes rarely chip or flake. This means your new aluminum fence is virtually maintenance-free. You may need to rinse off the dust or lubricate a gate hinge, but you won't need to repaint it. At the same time, it is possible to repaint and change the color of the fence if your design tastes change in the future.

For more help, contact an aluminum fencing contractor in your area.