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3 Ways To Temporarily Contain A Dog With A Fence

Did you recently move to a new house and are looking for a way to keep a dog contained to your yard? If so, you have a few options available to you. While a permanent fence will be the ideal way to prevent the dog from leaving your property, it can take some time to line up a contractor to install the new fence. Until then, consider some temporary solutions that will help your dog roam your backyard.

Invisible Fencing

Don't want to make any major modifications to your yard? Then the solution will be to use an invisible dog fence. While it is not a fence in the traditional sense, it can work to prevent your dog from leaving the boundaries of your backyard.

These fences work by burying a wire around the perimeter of your yard that transmits a radio signal. When a dog gets close to the wire, it gives the dog's collar a quick and painless jolt. The dog will eventually associate the property boundaries as an area they shouldn't go near. While it may take some training to get the dog accustomed to the invisible fence, it can buy you some time until the real fence is installed.

Mesh Fencing

You can block off a portion of your yard using mesh fencing. You would need to temporarily place some posts in the ground to hold the mesh fencing up, but it can be an effective way to keep the dog from getting out. Instead of putting the mesh fence around your entire yard, you may want to fence off a small portion of your yard for your dog to run around and play in.

Mesh fencing is made from a very lightweight metal material, and will be easy to secure to the temporary fence posts. The small holes will make climbing over over the fence difficult, but you'll be able to see inside to monitor what your pet is doing.

Garden Fencing

If you have a very small dog you might get away with using garden fencing. This material is sold at local home improvement stores in sections, and you simply stake it into the ground to form a perimeter. It's easy to install or remove as needed, but will only work if the dog is small enough to not jump over the fence.

With your temporary solution in place, you can hire a fencing contractor to install your permanent dog fence.