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Keep Residential Neighbors Happy With Golf Course Fencing

For golf courses that are on the perimeter of residential areas, keeping the golfers on the course happy isn't the only goal. If you want to be a good neighbor and keep tensions low, you also should aim to keep the residents in the neighborhood happy. Installing golf course fencing around the course is one way you can work towards this; here's how.  

Create Boundaries

When a person purchases a home, it's considered their property and people don't typically take it too well when someone whom they did not invite is on their property. When you install fencing around the area, you can create boundaries.

Fencing serves as a visual indicator of what areas are off limits, lowering the likelihood of someone traveling behind this space and invading a resident's privacy. In addition to keeping patrons off personal property, fencing can also keep them out of the areas that are off limits, such as equipment storage spaces.   

Minimize Damage

Installing fencing around the course can also keep residents happier by minimizing the risk of damage to their property. Stray balls and wayward carts can all cause significant damage to a home or other property.

However, fencing can serve as something of a buffer to keep these objects away from the nearby houses and on the course, instead. When homeowners don't have to worry about damage to their property that they did not cause, the neighborly relationship between the course and the residents will be much better.

Fencing Tips

To achieve these benefits, here are just some of the factors you want to keep in mind.

Install Screening

To add an extra layer of protection to the fence, consider installing screening. This screening will serve as a net that can help block balls before they hit someone's property.

Take a Natural Approach

To create a more aesthetically pleasing look, try to take a natural approach and look for fencing options that blend well with the environment around them.

Rely on a Professional

Work with a professional fencing company to ensure you're choosing a fence that is designed from a durable material and to ensure the layout of the fence doesn't intrude on any property lines.

A good relationship with the residents around your business can make your day to day operations run much smoother and allow you to focus more on the success and needs of your course, instead of resident concerns. Ensure you're keeping this in mind and choose the right fence for your needs.