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Three Ways To Boost Your Property Value In A Family-Oriented Neighborhood

What buyers are looking for in a home varies somewhat from neighborhood to neighborhood. For instance, buyers in a neighborhood inhabited mostly by families are going to be looking for different qualities than those buying in an area where retirees make up the bulk of residents. It's important to keep these varying desires in mind if you are planning to sell your home. Here are three ways to boost your property value specifically in a family oriented neighborhood.

Fence In Your Yard

A completely fenced-in yard is a huge calling card in a family oriented neighborhood. This allows parents to let their kids play outside more independently, knowing that they are safe and protected. It also makes it easier to care for dogs since they can roam around off-leash.

If your yard is not completely fenced in, consider hiring a fencing company to add to your fence so that it does extend around the entirety of the yard. Wooden privacy fencing is often the best choice since it minimizes the view others have into your yard. However, chain link fencing with privacy slats can do a good job for a much lower price. A fencing company like York Fence Co can give you quotes for several different types of fencing, and you can choose the one that best fits your budget.

Make Basic Childproofing Upgrades

New parents especially will be more likely to buy a home they don't need to spend a lot of time childproofing. There are a few simple childproofing updates you can make to boost your property value when selling to this kind of buyer. Make sure all of your outlets are covered with plastic caps to prevent electric shocks. Replace your faucets with scald-protecting ones, and make sure the stairs are carpeted so kids have an easier time navigating them without slipping.

Add More Storage

Families with children have so many things to store, from sports gear to extra toys. The more storage your home has, the more people will be willing to pay for your home. Some simple ways to increase your storage include:

  • Adding some built-in shelves to the basement

  • Building drawers or a closet into the space beneath your stairs

  • Adding more shelves and racks to empty, open closets

If you fence in your yard, add some more storage space, and childproof your home, its value to families will increase. This is a good idea whether you're planning to sell immediately or in the near future.