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Four Ways To Keep The Wildlife Out Of Your Yard

When it comes to your backyard, animals can be a real challenge. Pests often try to squeeze beneath the fence or even tunnel underneath in an attempt to get to your garden flowers and vegetables, so you might want to find a fence trenching company. Fortunately, the saying that good fences make good neighbors is true — even when talking about neighboring wildlife. The following tips can help you ensure you have a good fence for the job.

#1: Tighten your pickets

Many animals can slip into any space that their head can fit through, which means even a space of an inch or two between fence pickets can provide a likely entrance. The best fence design if you want to exclude animals is one with pickets that fit tightly together. If you already have an open picket design installed, consider installing a piece of metal mesh over one side of the fence to provide a barrier over the openings.

#2: Mind the gap

The gap between the ground and your fence bottom is there for a reason, especially if you have a wood fence — it protects the wood against ground moisture and rot. Unfortunately, it also gives animals an easy entrance into your yard. Nailing a rot-resistant cedar board or a piece of metal mesh fencing over the gap can seal off this entrance without compromising the longevity of the actual fence.

#3: Aim high

Not all pests can squeeze through small openings. Some, like deer, jump the top of the fence. Most deer won't attempt a jump if they can't see the other side, so a solid wood or vinyl fence is your first defense. Your next defense is height. Deer fences must be 8 feet or taller to be effective. It's also a good idea to slant them outward slightly, since deer can't jump both high and wide.

#4: Put down your barriers

Your final, and perhaps most challenging, animal pest defense is against the diggers. Some animals, like rabbits, can tunnel nearly a foot to get to the other side of a fence, while others, like skunks, simple scratch out a shallow trench to allow them to squeeze through. The answer to both types of pests is to install an underground barrier. Rent a fence trencher to dig an 18 inch trench along the fence line. Then, install metal mesh into the trench before filling it back in. Any digging animals will hit the barrier and be unable to dig through it.