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Want A Wood Fence? Why You Should Go With Composite Wood

Have you finally decided that you want the next fence for your home to be made with wood? You may think that your only real option is to use cedar since it is so popular. After all, cedar resists water and insects, which makes it a great choice for an outdoor structure. However, there are other types of wood that can work even better for a fence. Before you make a purchase, learn more about composite wood for an outdoor fence.

What's Composite Wood?

Fencing material made with composite wood will be primarily made from wood shavings. This is ground up wood that has been glued together using dyed epoxies. Once the material dries, the finished product will feel, look, and even weigh like real wooden fencing material. The materials used to bond the wood also help make the composite material durable and waterproof.

Why Use Composite Wood?

A fence can be easily damaged due to exposure to moisture, the sun, and soil. If a fence is made out of wood, these elements can be particularly damaging to the material, which requires attention and care for the fence to be protected. You'll find yourself needing to stain or paint a fence every year or so just to keep it looking good. It's a labor intensive project you might not be up to doing and choose to ignore.

Fencing made from composite wood shouldn't require staining or painting due to the epoxy used to bind the wood together. The epoxy also causes the whole piece of composite wood to have the color throughout the material, so chips and scratches won't expose a different color underneath the surface. It helps hide those small blemishes that typically show on a traditional wood fence.

You'll find that it doesn't require much work to maintain a composite wood fence. At most, you'll need to clean off the material using soap and water.

Will Composite Wood Look Fake?

It's possible to purchase a composite wood fence in many different colors. Depending on the color that you select, the material may not look like natural wood. However, you can pick a color that matches a typical wood stain, and select wood that has a natural wood grain texture to it. This helps it look very similar to real wood with none of the downfalls.

Work with a local fencing contractor for more info about composite wood fencing.